You can enjoy our ciders naturally cloudy  by turning the bottle upside down or clear by carefully pouring them. We recommend matching them with risotto, cheeses, poultry, baked potatoes, vegetable plates, dry pastries as well as sweet dishes: there are no limits to how creative you can be!

Recommended serving temperature: 6-8°C

Apple Cider

Topaz, GoldRush. 3.8 bar. 6.7 % vol.*

This cider arises out of a bled between two varieties and fermentations styles, aiming to emphasise the taste of fresh apples. Topaz juice ferments in oak barriques and a part of the Gold Rush undergoes a weeklong maceration. Its result: a delicate acidity, a slight residual sweetness as well as a highly perceptible flavour of crispy sun-ripened apples, which is underlined by fine bubbles from the bottle fermentation.

Elderflower Cider

Topaz, elderflowers. 2.8 bar. 6.5 %vol.*

This cider is a remembrance of  an "elderflower-wine" South Tyrolean farmers used to make during the hay harvest and an attempt to confer more longevity to this drink. Together, the apple and the elderflower yield a sparkling cider with a delicately aromatic note. The floral component of the elderflower is dominant in the nose, while in the mouth its flavour is mostly characterised by a tender apple note. 

This cider is the perfect companion for a balmy summer night .

Quince Cider

Topaz, quince. 3 bar. 6.5 %vol. *

As soon as the aromatic fragrance of the ripe quinces fills out our cider cellar, they are crushed and added to the must in fermentation, in which they macerate until the end of fermentation. 

In the cider both quince and apple flavours are perceptible next to one another. The quince's unique sweet fragrance complements the bouquet of the apples. In the mouth, the tanning agents of the quince together with the apple notes give the cider a tangy taste that is amplified by a natural perlage. 

Ginger Cider

Topaz, ginger. 3.4 bar. 6.9%vol.*

Tasting a ginger beer and discovering that a befriended organic farmer grows ginger in our region, led to the arrival of ginger in our cider manufacture. 

During the fermentation the apple must acquires a fruity spiciness and a slightly reddish glimmer from the ginger rhizome. The apple's scent is enriched by a lemony nuance. Additionally, its flavour is characterised by an exotic touch that takes the form of warm citrus-like sharpness. 

*Information refer to the vintage 2022.