Apples, no matter if yellow, red or green, sour or sweet, crispy of juicy but always of the best quality are part of our family history and of the region we live in. While Anton still held the reins, we grew our interest for organic agriculture and explored the vast world of fermentations during our years in Ecuador and on the Cape Verdean islands. 

In 2015 we decided to take a big step forward in producing all our ciders more in line with nature and our approach in the orchard, leading to the birth of the farm's own brand Floribunda. Floribunda, because the fungus resistance of our trees originally comes from the Japanese wild apple Malus floribunda. What a coincidence that our long-term collaboration with our Japanese client supported and encouraged our developemente towards more sustainability.

And why not try what worked for cocoa, yuca, coffee and grapes with our beloved apples back home?

After presenting our first trials of cider to friends and family at our wedding in 1992, Franz's delight in experimentations was unstoppable. In the end, in 2002 a Gravenstein cider made following the classic method was ready for sale. Elderflower and quince cider soon followed.

The exchange of ideas, knowledge and point of views on apples and cider stimulates us and our endeavour to continue honing our creations. Getting to know other producers, researchers and cider-lovers at trade fairs, competitions and during trips was and is of incredible value. The world of cider is full of amazing people!

Theolinde joined the business officially in 2019, making Floribunda an independent company. Childhood memories of a bite in a freshly picked apple and the cellar air on the island Fogo seduced Magdalena to study agricultural sciences and beverage technologies. This brings a breath of fresh air into the family business!

Together the three of us strive to further green our orchard and bring the facets of the wonderful fruit into the bottle: re-fermented, without added sulphites, 100% fruit and naturally cloudy. That's what we and thats's what Floribunda stands for.