About us

Long ago, tall-growing Gravensteiner trees populated the orchard, and first attempts to capture in a bottle the fine flavours and crispness of the apple of those trees were made in the late eighties when we produced our very first apple wine.


Following numerous trials and interruptions, we released in 2002 our first Gravenstein-Cider, produced according to the classic method. In the following years, we further expanded our product range with the release of an Elderflower-Cider and a Quince-Cider.


Then, in 2015, we took a big step forward in making all our ciders greener: from then on, all our ciders would be without added sulphites and with a so-called naturally cloudy aspect, which results from the presence of the yeast sediments found at the bottom of the bottle. Indeed, we are convinced that this feature can help preserve the quality of the cider though time.


From the sun-ripened and handpicked apples to the cider, we are proud of our in-house production. The three varieties of apples we use are usually appreciated as dessert apples for their full taste as well as their both high sweetness and acidity. Fermentation transforms these unique properties into a fresh and opulent wine further characterised by a distinct fruity smell. Adding juice during the bottling process allows us to do a second fermentation. Doing so, we allow a natural carbonisation and the slightly residual sweetness strengthens the flavour components of the cider.

Fam. Egger - Völser

via Moro 2

I-39040- Salurn/ Salorno 

e-mail: info@floribunda.it